Feast and Phrase has only been around for a few months and is still a baby in the blogging world. That said, writing and tweeting during this early time has made me quickly realise the urgent need for widening awareness about food-related issues like sustainability and healthy eating – both worldwide awareness, and my own!

From the work of organisations like Food Tank to Jamie Oliver’s call for ‘Food Revolution’, there is much going on to spread the word, and I’d like to be a part of it. Having already started to look at food, words, and society in my ‘Gastronomy and Society’ articles, I think it’s time to go further.

Today marks the start of what will be an ongoing series: ‘A Food Education Alphabet’. ‘The term ‘food education’ usually has people thinking of building food skills for children and young people – getting them cooking at home and improving their knowledge about nutrition. The alphabet will touch on this and more: heading from A to Z, each piece will focus on a word or phrase linked to the likes of food production and consumption, distribution and policy, diet and health.

Some subjects may be well-known, others less so – whatever I share with everyone, I’ll be sure to learn plenty along the way myself. Ultimately, it’s an alphabetical look at food and words to help spread the word about food issues.